shipping policy

  1. Be done once the order has been completed.

  2. All and any products will be delivered to the address provided on the competed order form.  You are responsible for ensuring that the address you have provided is correct.  We will not be responsible for any errors in the address as we are not responsible for checking them.  We will not be responsible for deliveries that are not delivered due to incorrect postal addresses.

  3. While we aim to deliver any product or products during the timescale provided it is not essential for the order or any order to be completed.  We reserve the right to withhold delivery on orders that may not be completed where some or all products may be out of stock.

  4. Should any product or products be out of stock you will be able to pre-order the product or products.  These will need to be paid for in full prior otherwise we cannot ensure that your order will be completed when they are in stock.  Once a pre-ordered item is in stock and the order has been completed it will be delivered at the next available opportunity. 

  5. Where it is impossible to deliver an item due to a wrong or non-existent address or failure to collect on delivery we may offer a refund against the cost of the products and return the products to our stock.  Whether a refund is given or not, the customer will be liable for any delivery cost incurred for returned products due to the failure of delivery.  Refunds will be given on a case to case basis and the final decision will be provided by an internal decision maker at Brain Boost.

  6. If an independent courier is used and the product or products re damaged in transit It will be your responsibility to claim a refund against their insurance.  We will provide a refund for any damage to product or products that are saved in transit which are damaged solely by our internal couriers.  We may not provide refunds for any product or products that are damaged in transit by a third party.

  7. If a recorded or signed delivery is accepted and the order is signed by any other person or parties other than the addressee the order will be classed as delivered and we will not be responsible for any damage.

  8. Before ordering a product make sure that the product will clear in your country customs without problem. We will not be responsible if the product does not clear at your customs. There is currently no such a database but only our experience, once you order you will be supplied the tracking code to follow the goods in transit. As soon as we go learning from previous orders we will issue warnings according the products you want to order and the customs from the different countries.