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Stacks well with

  • Citicoline. Stacking fasoracetam with citicoline will reduce the likelihood of any negative side effects by ensure precursor choline stocks are high enough for the increase in cellular choline uptake.

Recommended Dose: 20mg-100mg

There has been no formal clinical research which gives a definite answer on the most effective and safe dose of fasoracetam.

Human clinical trials have ranged from doses of 50mg – 400mg. However, it’s important to remember, that high doses are often intended to treat specific problems. For someone seeking to improve normal cognitive function, a much lower dose between 20mg – 100mg is recommended.

Fasoracetam is a powerful compound, and users should also begin with the lowest effective dose. The dosage should only be increase if not effects are felt and increases should be made gradually.

Classification: Memory, Cognition, Mood